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USBTD2.2 - USBchibi2 - USB.UFO.TD2.2

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TD2 .2 & Chibi

 TD2.2 and USBTD2.2                        USB.UFO.TD2.2                       USBChibi2                

Update 4.03.13   email:   for ordering information and questions or call  336.884.7394   11am-4pm EDT M-F

Was offline due to a virus hack.   Free shipping in the USA!    USBTD2.2 is BACK!     By request another batch available for those who can't deal with the ufo looks :)  All the tube dacs now use 12BH7 for the buffer and run constant current sourced.  Plus many small enhancements, as I upgrade these every 6 months or so.  I'm doing these models for a while longer, to make affordable dacs with true high end sound.  The usb models are not hi-rez, but I really think most listeners don't need it yet (or ever).  For hi-rez I recommend the s/pdif models and a pro-interface or usb/spdif dongle that will output 24/96.  The Chibi and TD2.2 will decode 24/96 and output 16/96.  There are usb hi-rez models in the works, but will be 4 to 5 times the cost of these offerings.

Any of the newest dacs are vast improvements over earlier versions.  The 12BH7 with the constant current source and parts improvements can be retrofited into most of the older TubeDacs.   Do note that a lot of my dacs sold on Audiogon are older versions, some as old as 9 years.  For a few dollars more get a fresh, current dac that is a far better performer.

Kits are no more.  After 8 years of kits, the demand is too low for me to deal with.   Guess the flood/glut of cheap low end (cost and sonics) on ebay made the correspondence support for my kits prohibitive.   However you can buy any of my dacs as assembled tested pcbs.  Complete ready to put into a chassis.  Subtract $100 for any of the tube buffered versions and $75 for any of the solid-state dacs.     

UFO dacs were upgraded versions of the USBTD2.2,  now the circuits are identical and same price, but UFO is only available in gray.  While supplies last

Got a nice review on on the TubeDac+ and 3Xac  in February '04    It's a good read :)   Plus USBTD gets a nice little blurb on SonicFlare   All the current offerings are greatly improved over those written about.  Also have had some less than stellar reports on a dud-dac (bad ones do happen) and other totally fraudulent  reports which are completely misleading.  Sites that have banner ads from competitors, find guys to butcher.  It's not nice out there :)    Note that all my assembled dacs are phase NORMAL, and have been for 6 years.

To place an order send an email to and you will be sent contact and order information.  May take a day or so.

As a history.... I have been in full time business since 1984. Started modifying cd players with tubes! Then built digital processors with tubes in 1989  as 'anodyne', marketing the first tube analog  digital audio processor in the US and have been in full time, albeit small time audio manufacturing business 27 years.....     This non-oversampled filter-less design is built to be small, simple and affordable.  In most ways is better that most of the dacs I've built before now, at basically 1/10th the retail of the older models!    Thanks for looking !   Scott Nixon        

 Fully Assembled Plug and Play Dacs

TD2.2 and USBTD2.2


TD2.2 is a s/pdif input non-oversampled constant current sourced 12BH7 tube buffered dac using low ESR caps and premium components, Hexfreds,  normal phase !  all wrapped in beautiful exotic ABS black plastic :) --- USBTD2.2 is the usb version for computer audio only.  Ships with a wall mounted transformer in US and Canada. $485.00 either version     Overseas orders will ship without standard power transformer      


  Lower Price - USB input - direct to I2S non-oversampled - constant current sourced tube buffer stage.  An "apperance"  upgrade to the USBTD2.2 in a jet age gray package.  Uses a simple wall mounted 12VAC supply   $485.00   Overseas orders will ship without standard power transformer

Chibi Dac & USBchibi2


Pure Small Simple non-oversampled dac.  Now normal phase! done in the digital domain and can optionally be wired with a switch to manually change the phase (modest up-charge for that).  There is no better value in high end audio.  Total load of above 10k to work best.  Most preamps and integrated amps (particularly tubed) are fine.  Just have to be careful with passive pre/power amp combos as they can dip well below 10k total load.  Comes with a 12VDC wall mounted power supply. $290 for either version  Overseas orders will ship without standard power transformer.  

4Xac power supply upgrade for  TD2.2   USBTD2.2   USB.UFO.TD2.2

4Xac  12VAC toroidal power supply for all my TubeDac and USBTD wrapped in exotic matching ABS enclosure.  Offers better performance that the standard supplies, which are quite decent.  4Xac allows use of after-market power cables.   130.00   (there is a discount when ordered with TubeDac+ or USBTD2.2 or UFO  $100 for 115v or $125 of 230v)   Photo is of older 3Xac - new one has a power jack on rear instead of the captive cable.  4Xac supplies can be wired for 230V, but sent without power cords and extra overseas shipping with dac purchase is usually $40 for dac and supply.